Jan 4, 2009

London with Christina

I went to London with Christina and spent the day along the Thames near Westminster. Given that I've blogged so much on this area of London already, I'm going to keep the commentary light and make this mostly a photographic entry. 38 posts in I hope you won't mind.

Boone and Kenzie of Scottie Tails in front of Westminster Abbey.Hey! Those people ruined my photo!That's better.Churchill overlooking the Houses of Parliament.On a completely different sidewalk near the Thames...It seems England has their own Queen Mary, and a bridge full of red Double Decker buses. We can match'em on the boat, but they're way ahead of us on the buses.
Street art is alive and well.Christina looking at me like I'd just asked her to swim the English Channel, not cross the Millennium Bridge.FYI - That white thing on the side of the building is their street sign. Trying reading it when you're five feet tall.Down to the tube...This would have been so awesome if it had turned out.

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