Jul 11, 2006

Pub Crawl

A while ago, and by that I mean the 29th of June, the whole lot of us decided to go on the school sponsored pub crawl because it was a Thursday night and we had nothing better to do. No American university would even consider setting such a thing up, but then again Toto we're not in Kansas anymore.

We caught the train because it was cheaper, and because so many students were going that it was going to be a while before there was room for us on the bus. By the time it was all said and done, the Sussex students who take us on all these trips calculated that about 3oo summer students decided to take part in the pub crawl. We left in waves, but it's still a lot of people. We had a few moments to kill at the station while we waited, and everyone had gotten so dolled up... so we killed time with my camera.

From left to right we have: Kat, Ronnie, Sarika and Stephen.

But not every one fit, so we took another. Sarika, Stephen, Jen and Adelyn. Notice the bright yellow wristbands? We felt like we were being tagged like kindergarteners, but it did get us into the club at the end of the night for free. And it's not like we had to stay with the group.

We started in the Kings and Queens pub just down the street from the Royal Pavillion. Our group left later than some of the others, so we were only there for about 10 minutes... but I didn't mind. It had the old, dark, classic atmosphere, but it reeked of smoke and I wasn't a fan.

Jen, Ronnie, Adelyn and Kat... But you have to notice the English spirit in full display behind them. Honestly, flags are EVERYWHERE.

We quickly walked past the Pavillion and to the Ha Ha Bar. This place was rather swanky, and apparently this was reflected in the drink prices as well. Water is free... so it's not like I noticed.

Kat and Sarika outside while we're waiting to get in. ID check at the door and all. Jen forgot hers, and I'm not quite sure how she got in...

I told you it was swanky... I love this shot, not to mention the lamp.

Pile into the window seat! Jen, Adelyn, me, Ronnie, Kat, and Sarika. I was hoping Stephen would show up in the reflection, but tis not the case.

We moved onto The Standard... with the hottest bartender of the night and a drink called A Girl's Dream. The place was more laid back and actually had enough seating for all of us.

We finally caught up with Christina, who was enjoying herself quite a bit at this point. And you know the drink I mentioned... there it is. It looks like a milkshake, or some sort of espresso, whipped cream and all.

Round 3: Kat, Ronnie and Adelyn. The goofy faces have begun...

And they continue... Oh Ronnie.

We eventually left, and walked the 10 feet to Creation, the club that the Sussex folk said was pretty good. They later mentioned that it was a bit of a meat market, but it was pretty fun for a while. Because so many of us had gone, it was mostly just us Sussex students for at least a good hour so we kept bumping into familiar faces. The old creepy men showed up later, but not before I caught these...

Christina was working it... she even caught the attention of the DJ. And then she of course decided that people needed to join her.

We eventually left a little after 1am when Adelyn and I were done with being followed by creepy old men who won't let go of your arm. But it was nice to actually dance again, and I'm looking forward to dancing in London one of these days.

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