Feb 17, 2008

Paris - The Prologue

Unlike the unplanned trip to Italy, Paris was one of those places I knew I wanted to go to. I'd heard good things and bad things about it, but hearing that the streets are dirty isn't really enough to keep you away from a place.

Sussex put together a day trip to Paris for 100 pounds, but I wanted to spend more time in the city than just one day. Plus most of that expense went towards the Eurostar express train from London to Paris. Needless to say, I didn't book the Sussex trip. I wanted a weekend, not just a day.

But I had to find someone to come with me. I remember sitting in my room trying to convince Kat and Trevor to not book the Sussex trip and to come with me instead. They wanted to make sure I was serious about going to Paris. Again, the PG version of the quote was "I'm going whether you idiots are coming or not." I originated the quote, Trevor borrowed it from me later while in Rome.

Anyway, we eventually ended up with a group of six, Kat, Trevor, Christina, Adrianne, Sarika and I, and we booked a bus trip to Paris. All we had to do was hop on a train to London and get on the bus. The bus would take us to Paris via either the Chunnel or fairy, we wouldn't know until we got to Dover, where both the Chunnel and fairy were located. It didn't matter to me, so long as we made it to Paris.

Sarika took care of the hotel reservations and we were ready to go...

But as we learned in Italy, even the easiest travel plans are subject to error.

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