Feb 17, 2008


Our return trip from Italy went about as well as it began... miserably.

We all sleep through our respective alarms, we were just so tired that we couldn't help ourselves. We wake up late and rush to the bus stop. We should be fine, assuming all things go well.

They don't.

The bus is more than half an hour late. It takes us to the train station where we have to catch a train to Treviso. We've already missed the train we had planned on taking, but there's another one leaving at 8:00AM and we get on it. If the train is on time there is a good chance that we'll still make our flight.

It doesn't.

The train is 1o minutes late.

We make it to Treviso and realize that we have to take a Taxi to get to the airport. Not cool. However, assuming that there is a taxi outside of the station, we will probably still make our flight.

There isn't. And there's no phone to call one.

A driver finally shows up. We flag him down and pile in quickly. He speeds like a mad man for us. By the time we make it to the airport we are out of the car with our bags in hand in a hurry. I don't even think we had time to thank him properly. He really did the best he could.

We get inside and the airport is smaller than my apartment. It is literally two check in windows, one small food counter, and two gates with two metal detectors for security.

We walk up to the check in window and they tell us that we're 15 minutes late, and they make no effort to accomodate us. They tell us that the Captain has already put together the flight itinerary with the names of all the passengars and there's no way they can change it. All they can do is put us on another flight for 60 euros a piece that doesn't leave for at least 3 hours. Maybe it was more, I don't remember. All I know is that I booked my original flight for less than half that.

Not cool. Not cool at all. It means that some of us, me included, will miss our first class of the second session. But we don't have a choice. Ryanair had obviously chosen to make an extra 240 than to help us out. We change our flight information and the woman suggests that we go do a little sight seeing around Treviso since we have so much time.

There's not much for food in the airport and we have hours, so we take a taxi and then a bus to go see the city.

We eat at McDonalds and realize that there is nothing of interest in the city. In fact I only took two pictures.

One is the picture you see above, the other is the one you see here.Yeah, nothing special. We get on the plane and fly back to England. I slept most of the flight. We get to the airport and catch a train.

And then we have train issues. There's waiting and there's transferring. And then around 5PM there's stopping. For some reason the train were we on was being separated and we were on the half that had to wait. It was ridiculous. I have a video of the four of us on a train, but it's long so I think I'll skip it.

We finally made it back to campus at almost 8PM... nevermind that we were supposed to be back by just past noon.

It was a rough day and a frustraing end to a weekend in Italia.

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